Buddhism Today magazine

The new issue of Buddhism Today magazine is available in the centre (issue number 21). The magazine costs HK$50 and is produced bi-annually.


“Buddhism Today aims to be a living document of authentic Buddhist transmission for the lay person and yogi practitioner in the modern world. It is meant for people leading normal, active lives, who wish to understand and experience mind’s vast potential.

“Buddhism Today will challenge your mind by providing information and news that appeal to the discriminating individual. No religious truth can be above science or humanism, and Buddhism Today’s aim is to work with and to complement these areas of contemporary thought. For this reason, Buddhism appeals to educated, critically thinking people with fresh, independent minds — people for whom nihilism rings hollow and existentialism provides no joy.

“It is said that we live in “interesting times”. To some these words reflect the degenerative nature of the modern world in which we live. But to us, these words are a call to action and a statement of renewal, an opportunity for seeing new possibilities and openings. In either case, we promise to expound joy and humanism above political correctness or dogmatic assumptions.”

Buddhism Today is produced by friends in the USA on a non-profit basis. While we will always get copies of the new magazines when they are published, if you would like to support this project, it would be fantastic if you could subscribe to the magazine online. Small magazine productions like this rely heavily on regular subscriptions to ensure that all their costs are covered. You can sign up online and receive the magazine directly by post here: www.buddhism-today.org