The Buddha and Love | Weekend Course

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Denes Andras, an experienced Buddhist teacher from Hungary, will be visiting Hong Kong and will be leading a weekend course about Buddhism. The course will start with a talk about Love and Partnership in Buddhism on Friday evening, and continue with a series of meditations and talks over the weekend. Details of the talks and the rest of the program are below.


The Buddha and Love

Rather than competing with our partners, the Buddha advises us to support each other and stand side by side. This talk will discuss patterns of behaviour that can come up in our relationships and will include concrete advise on how we can use our closest connections as important steps on our way to reach enlightenment.

Date / time: Friday, 14 October / 7.30pm
Cost: HK$60 / HK$30 for concessions

The Teacher-Student Relationship

One of the central topics in Diamond Way Buddhism. According to the highest level of Buddha’s teachings, the teacher  is so important because we see him or her not as a person or god but as a mirror to one’s own potential. Showing us our timeless nature with countless skillful means, here the teacher actually represents the Buddha. For more information, please take a look at this article by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Date / time: Saturday, 15 October / 3.00pm
Cost: HK$60 / HK$30 for concessions

Working with Disturbing Emotions

Denes will explain how one can integrate Buddhist teachings and meditation into our every day lives, providing the tools we need to transform the emotional ups and downs we experience into a state of awareness and joy. As our disturbing feelings dissolve, we are able to experience the true nature of mind more and more: a state of space and bliss inseparable.

Date / time: Sunday, 16 October / 3.00pm
Cost: HK$60 / HK$30 for concessions

Weekend Course Overview

The full timetable of events is set out below.

Love and Partnership 7.30pm Fri 14 October
Meditation session 11am Sat 15 October
Teacher-Student Relationship 3pm Sat 15 October
16th Karmapa Meditation followed by dinner 8pm Sat 15 October
Meditation session 11am Sun 16 October
Working with Disturbing Emotions 3pm Sun 16 October

Venue for all the events is: Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Hong Kong, Unit 3, 2/F, 3-5 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan.

All are welcome and look forward to seeing you there!