Ways to Permanent Happiness

We are very happy to announce that Burkhard Scherer will be coming to give teachings in Hong Kong. Burkhard was born 1971 in Germany and took refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in 1999. He teaches Religious Studies (Buddhist Studies) at the university in Canterbury (U.K.) and works for the Diamond Way university project ITAS (International Institute of Tibetan and Asian Studies) in Karma Guen, Spain.

Burkhard’s speciality is the linking of academic and practitioner views on Buddhist thought, history and meditation. He has been teaching Buddhism at the request of Lama Ole since 2005. During the weekend, Burkhard will expand on the foundational aspects of Buddhism, bringing his unique insight and expertise.

Weekend Course Overview

The full timetable of events is set out below.

Ways to Permanent Happiness (part 1) 3.00pm Sat 22 October
Ways to Permanent Happiness (part 2) 3.00pm Sun 23 October

Each talk costs HK$60 (HK$30) for concessions to attend.

Venue for all the events is: Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Hong Kong, Unit 3, 2/F, 3-5 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan.

All are welcome and look forward to seeing you there!