Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation Hong Kong

In Tibetan, meditation is called gom. This literally means to practice and this is exactly what Buddhist meditation is about: one practices to calm mind and rests in its own nature. Buddhists work with two types of meditation, calming meditation and insight meditation. These can be either specific techniques, which may be practiced separately, or they may be combined into the same practice.

In Diamond Way Buddhism, meditations contain aspects of calming and insight meditation. Here one meditates on light and energy forms of the different Buddhas. The methods used awaken the enlightened qualities inherent in oneself. By using body, speech and mind during meditation, the methods work with our totality and lead one to enlightenment. This state is the recognition of the nature of mind and one is fearless, joyful and actively compassionate.

Please enjoy this video in which Lama Ole Nydahl guides a Buddhist meditation: