Jigme Rinpoche in Hong Kong

Jigme Rinpoche in Hong Kong

Jigme Rinpoche is one of the most important teachers of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism and it is wonderful to announce he will be giving a series of teachings in February 2014. For details of the schedule, please refer to the attachments below for full details.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche is the representative of the Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje in Europe and travels throughout various countries giving empowerments, talks and other programs. He is the spiritual head of Dhagpo Kagyu Ling, a retreat centre in France.

You can find more information about Jigme Rinpoche from his website here.

We warmly welcome all to attend the talks with this inspiring teacher.

Jigme 1

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