Two Talks About Buddhism (15 July 2017)


Please join us for a two talks on Saturday 15 July with a visiting teacher, Roman Kouzmenko from Melbourne, about karma (or cause and effect) and meditation and how they relate to our lives today. Buddha’s teachings enable us to experience lasting happiness, in particular by applying teachings on karma. By using suitable meditations, our theoretical knowledge turns into direct experience leading to the goal of Buddha’s teachings – the full development of body, speech and mind.

The full schedule and details are below.


Saturday 15 July, 11am: Karma – Cause and Effect

Saturday 15 April, 3pm: Meditation in Daily Life

About the speaker:

Roman Kouzmenko met Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl in 2000. From 2003 he has been helping to run the Diamond Way Centre in Melbourne. Roman has been teaching Buddhism since 2003, his style is joyful, relaxed and practical.


Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Hong Kong


Each talk costs HK$100 / HK$60

Look forward to seeing you at the talks!