A Weekend Course with Sara Finnerty

We are very happy to invite you to a series of talks with Diamond Way teacher Sara Finnerty from Seattle in the US. Sara will share her knowledge with us, giving three lectures on “Removing Disturbing Emotions and Obstacles”, “Bodhicitta – The Enlightened Mind”, “The Meaning of the Sangha”. Each talk will include a chance to ask any questions you may have and take part in a guided meditation. Details of the program with Sara are shown below:

Removing Disturbing Emotions and Obstacles
Friday 19 October, 7.00pm
How do we integrate Buddhist teachings and meditation into our every day lives, providing the tools we need to transform the emotional ups and downs we experience into a state of awareness and joy. As our disturbing feelings dissolve, we are able to experience the true nature of mind more and more: a state of space and bliss inseparable.

Bodhicitta – The Enlightened Mind
Saturday 20 October, 3.00pm
As Buddhists, it is important to understand and develop Bodhicitta, the enlightened attitude. Bodhicitta is not a single attribute, it is the combination of many positive attributes such as the application of compassion, kindness, right view and wisdom. Developing these naturally leads us towards enlightenment.

The Meaning of the Sangha
Sunday 21 October, 3.00pm
The Sangha is the community of practitioners who are trying to develop themselves for the benefit of others, and is one of the 3 “jewels of enlightenment” that every Buddhist practitioner takes refuge in.

About the speaker, Sara Finnerty

Sara Finnerty was born in 1971 in the U.S.A. and has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism since 1991. She meet her teacher, Lama Ole Nydahl, while studying at university in San Francisco.

Sara helped to establish and has lived in Diamond Buddhist Way centers across the United States since 1993; in California, Texas, New Mexico, and currently in Nevada. Following Lama Ole’s request, she has been traveling and teaching Diamond Way Buddhism since 2015. Sara spends her time between Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA.

Other details

Venue: Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Hong Kong
Cost: HK$100 / HK$60 for each talk

We very much look forward to seeing you at the talks!